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What Our Customers Are Saying....

"The case is beautiful, rugged, well-designed and well-crafted!
If you’re going to cover the apple design, why not cover it with
a work of art? ... High marks! Thanks for making this great product."
- Bart

"This is my third case from Stone Jelly. I have been coming back after
each iPhone purchase to get my case. I was impressed with the first
one and they have just gotten better over the years.  I love having a
completely new unique case unlike any one else's. I love that it is a
piece of art in my pocket. Everyone who sees it wants to know about it.
Where I got it, who made it, how it works..."
- Frank the Carpenter

"Nails it. This is my first case, the first was the Deco. Fixes the two nitpicks
I had with my previous case, which I loved for 2 years. The top screws stick
out less, and center screws keep the frame from bugging out. From four stars
to five stars this time. Perfect case."
- David Lee

How We Got Started

We started from a simple sketch because we were bored and uninspired by the ubiquitous generic plastic cases. Since then we've managed to ship all over the world and carve out a niche on the internet.

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