StoneJelly started out as a bit of an experiment. Could we go completely off road with a design aesthetic for modern tech and would be people like it? It’s a pretty simple concept to start a business with, no plan, forecasts just the idea that if made something well with a unique style people would be interested.

Having said we always had a strong ethos that up until now perhaps we had never verbalised. Its an infatuated with the mass production of yesteryear where products still had a human touch but a small degree of standardisation because of their production (not like all the plastic rubbish around now). We also wanted to approach design from a different angle - can we make something unconventional, weird that captures people's imagination?

So far the experiments working out pretty well. We have shipped our cases literally all over the world (just need to hit up South America & Africa). We also enjoy the love or hate response our cases have - it’s the contrarian in us :)

Thanks for reading and checking us out!