How We Got Started StoneJelly started out as a bit of an experiment back in 2013. Fuelled by an  appreciation of early mass production from yesteryear and a strong creative itch. We were (and still are) also completely uninspired by the generic plastic stuff that makes up most cases so we decided to give designing our own case a shot.

Our first design sketch. We had
to wood and metal at this stage.

This is how we made our first cases.
Half the process is finding the fixings
to build them with.

First attempt at a logo. Still pretty cool.

Design, Prototype and Repeat

Combining our fascination with old school production and a solid belief we could create something different we got to work designing. It’s a pretty simple idea to start a business with, no plan, forecasts just the idea that if we made something well with a unique style people would be interested.

We where tinkering with a sliding
case design at the start.

Early textured case design sketch. 

Salvation!Our gut instinct turned out to be right and we have to date sold to every continent on the planet other than South America & Africa (could you be the first?). We have managed to carve out a little home on the internet with a small but growing group of repeat customers.

Getting Excited about Tomorrow
The future is always around the corner and we hope to expand our product range with equally unique designs. Whilst keeping our hands on love of making that we believe makes our products so unique. We are happy being unconventional and odd in a sea of ubiquity.